by Article 47

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released November 23, 2013

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jasmine Deja
Artwork by Jasmine Deja

Special thanks to:
Jonathan Shugarman (The Hardrive Wizard)
Siddartha (Creative Spirit Guide)
You (Listening Specialist)



all rights reserved


Article 47 St. Petersburg, Florida

"A trio who plays this weird, spacey, noisy lo-fi grunge rock full of electric guitar effects and groaning moans." -The Bradenton Times

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Track Name: Unbind Reprise
You can be everything that you wish to be
You can see everything that you wish to see
Track Name: Moon
You are in a dream
this is not what seems
foggy eyes, the light cant breath
through the smoke, industrial breeze

Sailing out to find this ground
(Fate, the water shifts its shape)
let the wind pull me in
(Earth breaks, the moon will wake)

another chapter
is all I ask of you
But the fires faster
casting shadows on the truth

Sailing out to find this ground
(Fate, the water shifts its shape)
let the wind pull you in
(Earth breaks, the moon will wake)
Track Name: Collision
Twas an algid afternoon
but the nights air was freezing
twelve hours passed since two
when the sky started weeping
the pavement became glass
mimicking every pigment
that had been cast
by the traffic equipment

The cars all moved
in perfect time
from lane to lane
but one was behind
the beat
three drinks
ago he could keep
the rhythm
but by now
it was long gone
he was long gone

He had an astringent afternoon
filled with too much thinking
twelve hours passed since two
when he started drinking
out at his new home
his mind was riven
as the bar now closed
he headed back to his prison
Track Name: The Island
On the island
in the center
of her eye
I am lost
in a haze
I am high

Off her lips
off her love
off her lies
I am wasting away
with this mind

When the ship
hit the rocks
of the shore
I was certain the waves
went for more

it was drunk
we were dark
and explored
every ocean and
opening door

oh you
Track Name: Part 3
They cycle moves about it's way
whether or not you decide to play
along with everything
that's made us all rue today
They ate the fruit
but we're the one that paid
Track Name: Jam Song
In your eyes
there is fire

From your mouth
words like
the celestial waters of the unmanifest;
the depth of the night sky
Track Name: Kinesics
You wore sunglasses
on a cloudy day
to hide your eyes
to hide your shame
cause you knew
if they saw through
the veil you placed
they'd see everything

Your face is an open book
a new page for every look
your face is an open book
a new page for every look

eyes slit
full of deceit
brow life
showing curiosity
thin lips
of uncertainty
forced grin
to look friendly